The environmental protection and energy saving advantages of TGIC curing system powder coatings, how many do you know?

Posted time:2022-04-12 Page View:93

At present, my country's TGIC curing agent powder coating has basically achieved the goal of zero emission, is one of the varieties of environmentally friendly coatings, and is also one of the development directions of the global coatings industry. The production technology of powder coatings is very mature. The product yield of powder coatings exceeds 95%, and ≤5% of ultra-fine waste powder produced in production can be reused in the production of powder coatings after being recovered by the system, basically achieving zero emissions and no harm to the environment.


From the coating technology of powder coating, the one-time powder coating rate of powder coating reaches more than 70%, and the oversprayed powder is recovered by the system and returned to the powder supply barrel. Mix it with new powder in a certain proportion and reuse it. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization rate of powder coatings reaches more than 95%. The remaining 5% of the waste powder is generally recycled by the coating company, and then handed over to the powder coating manufacturer for reprocessing and then used to basically achieve zero emissions.

It is well known that the coating film thickness of solvent-based coatings is generally about 20um. In order to achieve the decorative and protective properties of the coating film, solvent-based coatings often require multiple coatings. For example, the bottom and middle surface are coated with 3 coats, and each coat needs to be heated and cured, and the energy consumption is high.

Compared with TGIC curing agent powder coating, the characteristic of TGIC curing agent powder coating is that it can form a thick coating film of 60~120um with only one coating.

The conventional curing conditions of powder coatings are 180~200℃, 10~20min. In order to realize the sustainable development of powder coatings, TGIC powder coatings that can be cured at 135~140℃ have been developed in recent years, which is the sustainable development of powder coatings. Provides a solid foundation.